Compton Sundial

Rare Compton Pottery Sundial


A rare Compton Pottery sundial, early 20th century. The top in the form of a putto holding a hemisphere dial calibrated with hours all on a ribbed cylindrical column. The Compton Potters Art Guild was established in 1895 by Mary Watts, wife of portrait painter and sculpture George Watts and produced terra cotta work in the village of Compton (near Guilford) England. Originally organized to produce decoration for a chapel, the pottery continued production of architectural items and ornament after completion of the chapel in 1896. Liberty & Company as well as other leading designers of the times, including Archibald Knox, engaged the firm to produce their designs.


English circa 1910

H 44" x W 13" x D 13"

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Compton Terracotta Sundial Compton Terracotta Sundial Compton Terracotta Sundial