Blashfield cherub urn on pedestal

Large J M Blashfield Putti Campana Urn On Plinth


A large 19th century, buff terracotta, putti decorated, campana garden urn on plinth by J M Blashfield, a version of model number 448 ' vase from the antique'

John Marriot Blashfield had a manufactory in Millwall,with a sales outlet at No. 1 Praed Street, Edgware Road, London, but moved to Stamford, Lincolnshire in 1859, to be nearer the clay-beds. He won medals for Terra Cotta, in the glass and pottery and architectural objects classes at the International Exhibition in 1862 and a silver medal at the Paris International Exhibition of 1867. One of the most important commissions with which he was involved was supplying architectural terracotta for the decoration of the new Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but this undertaking stretched his resources too far and by 1874 the Stamford Terracotta Company works, machinery as well as models and moulds were for sale; it finally closed in 1875.

Although not stamped this urns is a version of model number 448 in ' Selection Of Vases, Statues, Busts, &C., From Terracottas. / By J M Blashfield' catalogue.

Urn ; H 27" x W 22" x D 22"

Plinth ;  H 23" x W 15' x D 15"

Condition of urn ;  nibbled, no cracks, weathered.

Condition of pedestal ; weathered, nibbled, no cracks but weathered hole to base.

English circa 1860

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